Download the Pajes Demonstration Now!
We have prepared a Pajes demonstration and starter site which can be downloaded and run in your local environment.
This demonstration WILL NOT alter your existing environment so it can be safely trialled without worrying about having to clean up afterwards.
The download includes a webserver, a database server, Pajes and the demonstration applications. There is no installation required beyond uncompressing the file.
  The Steps
Make sure you have Java 2 installed on the machine that will run the demonstration (Java 2 Standard Edition runtime is fine). You can download the Java 2 environment free from Sun Micrososystems ( Then:
  • Download the Pajes demonstration environment from the link in the next section.
  • Uncompress the file you download anywhere you like, but make sure you maintain the folder/directory structure when you uncompress it.
  • For Windows, go to the pajesdemo directory and doubleclick pajes.bat.
  • For Unix, go to the pajesdemo directory and execute ./
  • Open a browser and point it to http://localhost:8080.

(If port 8080 is already in use, you can add the -Djetty.port=nnnnn command line parameter, where nnnn is an appropriate port for your system. Under Windows, you may need to enclose the whole parameter in quotes: e.g. pajes "-Djetty.port=8081".)

  The Downloads
Pajes Demonstration in ZIP format (Windows/Mac)
Pajes Demonstration in TAR/TGZ format (Unix)
  The Acknowledgements
Pajes is a J2EE presentation tool and will operate in many environments. To keep the demonstration small, fast and simple we decided to use Pajes own lightweight servlet framework. You're welcome to use it too!
Thanks to the following organisations whose software we used to prepare the demonstration environment: